Saturday, November 11, 2006

Roses in November

I am cutting the last roses of the season.

Frost has killed most of my roses. Yet, there are still a few buds, tightly furled. I don’t know how they survived the freeze.

But they are there, waiting for a warm day to blossom.

That day won’t come for a long time. I cut them because I know that they will not survive the coming snowstorm.

Flags line the street. And as I snip, I cannot help but note, that on this Veteran’s day, it is now 11am.

Last night, I saw a video of my father speaking about his experience in Vietnam. War weary, he described how he had to change into civilian clothes in the airport bathroom so that no one would know that he was a soldier.

This is how he was welcomed home for serving his country.

As I cut, I think about all those soldiers who bear wounds that we will never see.

And about the soldiers that didn’t come home.

All I can offer is my thanks, however meager.

And these November roses.


seastartrue said...

Reading this makes me feel really good. Proud of your dad and of you. You have a rich heritage of veterns in your family. I am grateful for those who gave up a lot for our freedom.

Love the roses. Love you.


dixiechic said...

That was beautiful. Amen, and a HUGE "THANK YOU" to all our troops- past, present, and future. We love you!